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  • Autor: Sarah Roe Cowell
  • Editor: Fly Shuttle Press
  • Last data published: 01 September 2013
  • ISBN: 0992665604
  • Format: PDF, Epub, DOCx, TXT
  • Number of page: 45 pages
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Description Zebras Spell Really Well de Sarah Roe Cowell:

Written by an experienced Hornsby trained tutor and assessor of dyslexic children and adults, this workbook is specifically designed to allow verbally able 7-11 years old dyslexic children to revisit and conquer early spelling rules to start to demystify the spelling code. This spiral bound A4 sized first book contains 83 master copy worksheets giving step by step guidance as to how and why common high frequency words are spelt the way they are. It is a useful tool for specialist teachers to address pupil's specific weaknesses across the primary age group range and beyond as the worksheets stand alone, they may be used to address differing pupils' needs. Parents may use this book at home as the prologue describes how to use the book and each worksheet explains the rule addressed. The book also includes 3 sheets (that may be cut out or/and copied and laminated) incorporating alphabet sounds with initial letter picture matches and alphabet names. The pupil can create taught words by selecting the correct individual letters and amongst many other uses start to understand rhyme by simply changing the initial letter from band to hand to land to sand and so on and thus simultaneously exercise their alphabetical awareness. Children will steadily start to gain their confidence in their ability to write simple sentences as they conquer the spelling code and they will attempt to read words aloud that they could not decipher previously. Text not restricted to taught words to hold the pupils interest as they learn taught spellings. The book covers: Alphabetical awareness-vowels-y as a vowel- Sh or ch?- Ar/er/ir/or/ur-Assimilation-Simple present and past tense-Magic W-Silent T- K or ck?- Double ff/ll/ss/zz - C and G rule- long vowel sounds as in mind and cold- Days of the week and Months of the year and Magic E. Double vowel sounds to follow. See more at Sarah was a fashion designer for 25 years eventually based in Fulham Road London. Trading as Sarah Crewe she sold her designs internationally and her clothes appeared in The New York Times, and Vogue and she supplied clothes stores around the world including Macy's, Bloomingdales, Harrods and Harvey Nichols. Her daughter's birth triggered a move to Gloucestershire and eventually a change of career. Sarah became fascinated by the causal factors of dyslexia after her daughter was diagnosed as dyslexic in 1993. Over the years the diagnostic assessments required as children progress through the education system, proved to be remarkably consistent despite educational psychologists using differing assessment tools. The subsequent recommendations worked and her daughter gradually started to really enjoy going to school. Sarah was trained by the Hornsby international Dyslexia Association and gained her post graduate diploma in 2001, qualifying her to tutor across the age ranges. She was subsequently awarded an SpLD APC (assessment practising certificate) in 2006 and now also carries out full diagnostic assessments across all ages. More information at

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Eunice Re: Zebras Spell Really Well

Wow, this was one of my best reads! thank you

Calix Re: Zebras Spell Really Well

Wow, this was one of my best reads! thank you

Porter Re: Zebras Spell Really Well

Wow, this was one of my best reads! thank you

Bludmane Re: Zebras Spell Really Well

I love this book! with the participation ...

Wegleitner Re: Zebras Spell Really Well

This is probably one of the best books I have read.

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