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  • Autor: M Sid Kelly
  • Editor: Galactic Pool Publishing
  • Last data published: 02 April 2014
  • ISBN: 0692023844
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Description Tigerfish! de M Sid Kelly:

(This is the black and white version. You can get a free copy of the full-color ebook from Amazon for all your devices if you order this paperback.) If you go to live on the Niger River in West Africa, don't forget your pole, your sense of humor, and your camera! Provides answers to these important questions: How do you land an electric fish, and what if you screw up? What happens when a cobra tries to get in the boat? Which one lure will catch tigerfish, Nile perch, catfish, Tilapia, etc? Where do you catch a tigerfish, and then how do you deal with its teeth? When is a fish going to kill you if you eat it? Who might you meet, and what are they saying? A two-year account of sport and traditional fishing by a fish biologist Peace Corps Volunteer in Mali, West Africa. This photo-journal contains 19,000 words and 140 black and white photographs. (Plus, get a FREE full-color ebook when you order from Amazon and select the MatchBook offer) Tigerfish! opens with sport fishing, and details the author's pursuit of tigerfish, Nile perch, and other species including the dubious dodo. The second part is an account of experiences and observations made during the large community fishing events that take place in the waters of the floodplain during the dry season. The third section provides a brief description and numerous pictures of the life and work of small-scale commercial Somono fishers. The final section documents two traditional fire hunts on the Niger River floodplain. The quality of photos is better than most pictures of the Loch Ness Monster... M. Sid Kelly grew up in a globe-crawling military family with his English mum and California hillbilly dad who engineered Air Force base TV stations. So young Sid grew up surrounded by TVs - with British comedies, U.S. fishing shows, and 1970's Tagalog-language kung fu movies competing for the best naughty bits. He graduated with a four-year degree in marine biology eight years after enrolling at Humboldt State University. Having completed two years in Africa with the Peace Corps, he got a job as federal fisheries bureaucrat - until too many dead fish had piled up. Now he consults on fish protection measures for bridge construction projects in order to pay the bills, and he wrote Used Aliens in order to become a zillionaire one day. His conclusion after having run around all over the place looking at stuff: Space aliens are going to think we are the strange ones. Twitter: YouTube: Goodreads:

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I started reading this book and I'm on page 123 of the same.

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