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  • Autor: Associate Professor in the Department of Psychological Medicine
  • Editor: Quercus Books
  • Last data published: 02 June 2015
  • ISBN: 1623654335
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Description Darkness Descending de Associate Professor in the Department of Psychological Medicine:

In January 2003, Ken Jones, an adventurer and former British Special Forces soldier, was caught in a devastating avalanche as he climbed deep in the frozen wilderness of Romania's Carpathian Mountains. Swept over the edge of a 75-foot cliff, he plummeted to the rocks below. Against all odds, he survived the fall--regaining consciousness shrouded in darkness and sub-zero temperatures, separated from his supplies, and in excruciating pain from a broken leg and shattered pelvis. With frostbite and internal bleeding beginning to take their toll, Jones summoned his deepest will to live and began three agonizing days dragging himself over frozen terrain to safety--only to discover that his true ordeal was yet to begin. The doctors who initially treated him were astonished that any person could sustain such massive trauma and exposure and still be alive. Then, after an initial round of extensive surgeries and recoveries that equaled if not exceeded the pain of the injuries themselves, Jones was told he would almost certainly never walk again. Over the next two years he endured constant physical therapy and additional surgery, with latent effects from the fall still threatening his life. At one point, he slipped into unconsciousness under anesthesia just as he heard a doctor telling his mother he was going to die. But with a soldier's heart he made his way to recovery, regained full mobility, and has made his story known in this remarkable book. In the bestselling tradition of "Into Thin Air" and "Touching the Void," "Darkness Descending "is a classic tale of triumph over adversity and what it means to never give up. Jones's remarkable feat has already been featured on Animal Planet's hit series "I Shouldn't Be Alive," and stands tall as an unforgettable testament to the strength of the human spirit. Originally from Shropshire, Ken Jones spent many years serving in the British armed forces, including with the Parachute Regiment and various elements of UK Special Forces. Ken spent the years following his recovery in South America where he worked on various disaster relief programs as a translator and demolitions specialist, during stints of living in Medellin, Colombia, Nice, France and the Basque country, Spain. Jones is a motivational speaker as well as an avid outdoorsman, mountaineer, competitive road cycle racer, and a founder of Avalanche Endurance Events, a small but select group of former British Special Forces operatives who are in the process of unleashing some of the toughest and most original endurance challenges in the UK and US. Ken now lives between San Diego, CA and Elan Valley, Wales

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Francisca Re: Darkness Descending

allows it to be relevant for a moment: My God, this book is excellent !!

Mautino Re: Darkness Descending

I started reading this book and I'm on page 123 of his.

Dominique Re: Darkness Descending

I started reading this book and I'm on page 123 of his.

Muckle Re: Darkness Descending

I can not remember the last time a book I was so addicted.

Tyler Re: Darkness Descending

J ''ve waited so long for publication, he's my favorite Book

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